How To: Launch An LMP1 Car

Yesterday morning, Imagine Dragons’ ‘Thunder’ popped up on my Spotify on my way into work. That’s the track we launched the G60-LT-P1 to in January this year. Listening to the music got me thinking; As the 2018 season gets underway once again, how lucky I am to be able to do what I do, and... Continue Reading →

Rocking The Knockers

Nice headline huh? Well, that’s because recently I’ve been at Rockingham and Knockhill with work. You've got to find things to brighten up the rainy days at track, and a particular highlight of the past month was encouraging our lovely Grid Girl / Front of House doris Lauren to bring Euros to the  Scottish circuit.... Continue Reading →

Into the New Year we go

Laters 2014... Despite being burgled, my Bam Bam passing away and putting on a stone, it was an alright year. I learned that happiness isn't materialistic, I have everything I need in the other half of my orange. I also discovered that I can actually 'do' marketing and went back to college with a little... Continue Reading →

When is enough, enough?

I’m two days into a fortnight off work and I’m already bored. Yesterday I cleaned the house from top to bottom, took my boyfriend a Starbucks into work and did all the laundry, plus all towels, bedding, cushion covers and mats I could find, and today I have popped a beef casserole into the slow... Continue Reading →

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