Running Tips For Beginners (I Need Some)

First things first. That headline is somewhat misleading. I am a compete run novice and I need tips, motivation, any “I wish I knew this when I started” type insider information from anyone I know who power walks, jogs or runs. Come at me. To be perfectly honest, I never, ever thought running would be... Continue Reading →

A Beginners Guide: Slimming World

I re-joined Slimming World last night. There’s a couple of girls at Ginetta towers who have signed up in the last few weeks and as I’ve been teetering on the brink of going back for a month of two now, I thought by having that office support network I might have a better chance at... Continue Reading →

Online Shopping: Why Do I Never Look Like The Girl On ASOS?

Enter ELVI. This online fashion label (who cater for sizes 8 to 28) have implemented product images of the same item on models of different body types, a strong move towards inclusivity for folks like me. The company make every one of their designs available in all size options and hope to bring body positivity to all.

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