About Ruth’s Racy Adventures

Get the kettle on and settle in.

I’m a thirty-something Yorkshire lass who just loves to talk. Considering I live in a small village and don’t know many people, this is the place I come for a cuppa and a chat. Only, I have a cuppa and I’m chatting to a computer screen.

Ruth’s Racy Adventures was born out of a love for the written word. Well, that and the fact that when I started my journalism degree in 2005, we were all told to set up a WordPress site.

Originally a place where my friends ‘back home’ could keep up with my motorsport-related adventures, this site has since evolved into a community for women who are also spending money on things they probably shouldn’t and looking for the solution to looking (and feeling) young forever.

If you find yourself flicking through magazines or scrolling Instagram feeds looking for your daily dose of life-spiration you’ll feel right at home here. By just being here, you’re automatically classed as one of my friends, so expect me to witter on like we’ve known each other since we were in school.

If you like what you read, give me a shout on Twitter @itsonlymeruth and the conversation can start to flow. Yorkshire tea essential. Hobnobs optional.

Enjoy. x


  1. Hiya, I’ve just recently started as a trainee marshal (I’m a 24 yr old girl) and a friend has pointed me towards this blog. I look forward to reading your posts 🙂

  2. I just stumbled into this blog looking for something (not that), hihi. Nice to read all your adventures on UK tracks, I envy you living in a country with such a huge motorsport interest (I myself live in Norway). Maybe I’ll visit some day, are planing a trip and a nice racing weekend somewhere in Europe next or the year after. Keep up the good work Ruth!

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