One Wedding and a Funeral

Well, it’s been an interesting few months to say the least. As the last time I blogged was in September, I thought I had better bring this baby right back up to speed. In the months that have passed I’ve become a Mrs, I have spent three weeks touring the Pacific Coast Highway, launched an... Continue Reading →

My First Influenster Box – Max Factor

You know what is better than buying make-up? Getting make-up samples delivered to your door, courtesy of the superb folks at Influenster UK. Earlier this month, my first ever box of complementary review treats arrived courtesy of Max Factor and I could hardly contain my excitement. So much so that I could not wait for... Continue Reading →

Why do I strive to be something I’m not?

Those of you how know me personally would probably (read: hopefully) say I was quite outgoing, confident and bubbly. Oh, and funny. However, what most people (other than the closest friends) don’t know, is I struggle hugely with self-confidence. Let’s get something straight first. This isn’t a blog looking for affirmation from anyone. I’ve been... Continue Reading →

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